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10 Positive Affirmations To Tell Yourself Every day

10 Positive Affirmations To Tell Yourself Every day

n life, you have to choose carefully what to tell yourself because they will become your beliefs and decisions, and then a life. Tell yourself positive affirmations every day. Say that you can do it and you will do it. Never doubt that there is nothing you won’t be able to do if you set your mind to.

When we choose to be positive, the problems and obstacles we face become manageable because we will do whatever it takes to get a positive outcome.

10 positive affirmations to tell yourself


1. “I am alive and breathing. I can do everything because I know that nothing is impossible with my determination.” – Positive Affirmation


2. “My thoughts are the controllers of my life. I choose to think positively because I am naturally a positive soul. No one or circumstances can change that.”


3. “I have people who love me around. They support me even if we are far away. Our souls are connected and I am happy to have them in my life.”


4. “I know myself better than anybody else. I will listen to others’ criticism and change myself to be better, yet I know I am doing well and I will keep doing that in the future without letting negative judgments get me down.”


5. “I take care of my body and my soul because they are my assets and my fortune. I will continue to keep them healthy and supportive of me all the time. I am capable of doing that.”


6. “I deserve to smile. I deserve to be happy. I deserve to create a joyful life along with my successes and achievements for me and for the people I care for.”

Positive Affirmation

7. “I admit my mistakes. I am a human being and I can do wrongs and it’s alright not to be on the right or the bright side all the time. It’s okay as long as I admit my wrongdoings and correct them with no harm to anyone.”

Positive Affirmation

8. “I am thankful to God, my creator for everything He blessed me with which cannot be counted or listed. For everything and for everybody in my life and I am blessed with, I am extremely grateful.”

Positive Affirmations To Tell Yourself

9. “I make a difference in life. Staying in my place, having my dreams, planning for my future, and being a productive and constructive human being is making me unique.”

Positive Affirmation

10. “I embrace my weakness. I know they can be improved. I am working on myself diligently and patiently until I become better and stronger day after day. I am stronger because I know I can be weak and I am here to improve and be real, not perfect.” – Positive Affirmation

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23 thoughts on “10 Positive Affirmations To Tell Yourself Every day”

  1. Hello, Chaymaa, I hope you are well. Your post glows with happiness, and encouragement. There’s something in there for everyone. Thanks for posting. Take care.


  2. I tell my kids all the time “You’re not perfect! None of us are! The Grand Architect of this universe did not create man to be perfect, however He did find that he had perfectly created man, and that to Him man was perfect so to me you are perfect, and you need to remember that you are royalty! You’re all queens, and a king. Let no one ever treat you differently!”….

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