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Hope never abandons you


“Hope never abandons you, you abandon it.” – George Weinberg

Sometimes, we tend to give up earlier because the complicated situation is making us forget hope, and eventually abandon it. So, when it gets very hard, let’s remember this quote.

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3 thoughts on “Hope never abandons you”

  1. SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Hope An Emotion We Generate
    Within That Lifts Us Up Higher Than Lower to Make it
    Through Challenges of the Day Now Sadly There
    Is A Place With No Feelings No Senses No

    Emotion of Hope Where the Rose
    is Withered away to THorns

    Yes Pain Yet Even Further
    Away to Numb of HeART
    SPiRiT SoUL Places WiTHiN
    Yes Metaphors We Co-Create for
    This Essence of Reality That Sadly

    May Actually Organically Go Away Where
    The Essence of Hope Will Not Be Found No
    Matter How Hard We Look Until our Emotions Are

    Ready to Come Back in Healing Indeed A Cross to Carry
    in Life Where if We Endure Enough Chronic to Acute Stress

    That Will Literally Tear Down Most Every Bodily System We Have
    Until We Get What is Called “General Adaptation System” Just Almost
    Total Exhaustion of Resources of What It Means to Be Human From Head to Toe

    True One May Work So Hard to
    Gain A World of Subsistence
    To Eat and Drink And Shelter
    One’s Loved Ones True Too

    Yet What’s Left When We
    Do Our Best to Earn the
    World This Way When
    Nothing of Moving Connecting
    Co-Creating HeART SPiRiT SoUL
    Is Left At All Indeed This Place Without
    Hope Without even A Memory of A Feeling
    Behind A Smile Ever Existing At All May Be
    Described As Hell WiTHiN Although It’s Not Hot As
    Fire It’s Cold As Ice Will Be Numb WiTHiN All that
    May Be Left is the Will of Our Reptile Brain to Survive
    With Left Hemisphere Brain Logic Left However Without
    Emotions Tasks As Simple As Choosing What Color Pair of
    Socks May Be Beyond Our Ability to Choose As That Takes
    Emotional Intelligence And When We No Longer Value Our Existence
    This Way There is No Clear Choice to Make With Any Colors of Life mY

    FRiEnD That
    Feel Human
    This way Yet
    Again Thank Goodness
    For The Will to Survive
    It May Be Numb Yet There
    Just Isn’t Any Rational Alternative
    Than to LiVE Perhaps iN Pain and
    Numb What May Feel Like A Thousand
    Years in 1 Second Where All Is Time mY FRiEnD

    Heaven Within is A Place of Autotelic Flow Effortless
    In Ease of Always Increasing Human Potentials Now

    True That Requires Feelings And Senses in Synergy
    of A Force of Emotional Energy ‘A Higher Force’
    WiTHiN mY FRiEnD And Of Course With the
    Worst Pain Known to Humankind Type
    Two Trigeminal Neuralgia From Wake
    to Sleep No Drug Would Touch As
    A Shut-in In my Home For 66 Months
    From 2008 to 2013 With Additionally
    A Synergy of Life Threat in Another
    18 Medical Disorders i’ve Touched
    HeLL And HeaveN ON EartH WiTHiN

    True There is A Place of Pure Faith New Now
    Where “ALLoWinG ESSeNCE CReaTiNG FoRM”
    No Longer Takes Instruction From Outside at All

    A Place of Pure Faith of Loving Life Where Hope Is No
    Longer Even Necessary As An Emotion As We aRE Arriving
    Always Now to A Best Life Possible New Indeed A Place of

    BeLeaF BeLoVE BeLieVE iN Peace And Harmony Living Tree
    For Real As Leaves We Grow Green Higher As Leaves We
    Brown Falling to Soil Souls Sprouting Spring From Winter
    Falling Frozen Leaves Green As Grass And Trees Grow Again

    Summer FLoWeRinG
    Again Now New


    From Seeds
    That Die And
    Leaves That Feed
    Our Trees Forest
    Soil SoUL Whole mY FRiEnD..:)

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