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How To Be Positive And Inspired

Positive and inspired

Positivity is a meaning we all look for in our lives, and maybe in the lives of people surrounding us too. How to be positive means to think optimistically, to hold onto the belief of hope, and to expect favorable outcomes and desirable results.

To be positive and lead a positive life, in the process you will encounter negativity. So maybe you should pause from time to time to inspect your thoughts and readjust your direction. You are not living according to a manual or a catalog, and that’s why you will go back and forth between being positive and negative.


What is a positive life?

Your positive life will not always be colorful and sunny. However, it will be filled with hope and good expectations. It’s finding yourself unknowingly choosing a good attitude and emotional maturity instead of pessimism or uncertainty. 

A positive life is holding a positive attitude and taking positive actions. To see solutions to every problem rather than complaining and finding excuses. It’s your continuous effort to change reality when it becomes bitter, to live the moment, and to rejoice at your enjoyable feelings.

To expect good from people and look for their unique and kind traits. To experience failure more than one time yet refuse to give up, but upgrade oneself to succeed on every next time chance. To face the world with benevolence knowing how beautiful your life will manifest because of it. 

Your positive life holds only your unique meaning of how to make it the best version you dream of. Accepting, believing, planning, staying healthy, striving for the best, and most importantly never-ending chances you give yourself and your life. 


What is your mindset status now?

Where do you think you are from leading a good life? What is the current state of your mindset and your thoughts? Are you on the positive side? Or Are you on the other end of the opposite side?

Do you complain a lot and see everyone in your life as a stealer of your happiness? If so, then you’ve got to stop right away.

I don’t know your reasons and how right or wrong you are but what I am certain of is it is all useless. What you need now is not someone to blame but it’s you who will be able to pick yourself up from that mess.

Are you stuck in a process of drowning your plans and killing your dreams because someone is telling you that your life is not worthy and you cannot do anything about it? Let me tell you one thing, the only condition that will make that person’s words true- even if that person is you- is when you believe what he says.

Your current status is important, I can assure you that. However, what is substantial right now is what’s next. Will you allow it to be forever for you? Will stay stuck until your precious life becomes full of regrets instead of successful and unsuccessful attempts?


Do you think I can?

The hardest of the hardest beliefs is to believe that you can do it, and whether you can or not will only be decided by your actions and your willingness to act.

Your illusions and negative mind movies you are constantly immersing your thoughts in are capable of destroying the self-confidence and belief in your abilities. Once you acknowledge that, you are accepting freeing yourself from a prison you have been in for so long.

Disney said before that imagination is a preview of what is to come. Therefore, live out of such destructive fiction. At every step of your life, you will have dreams, goals, precious relationships, and people and things you will have to protect even if it costs your life.

Undoubtedly, all will go beyond your comfort zone. It’s your mission and only you can complete it.

What you expose yourself to will shape you into a stronger version of yourself. Every time you step out of your rest and leisure, you will build new muscles in the novel transformation of your existence. Remember that your life changes by what you are, not by what you wish you are. 

Get closer to what turns your motivation on. You will resonate with everything you encounter which comes along with what makes you inspired and encouraged. 


Find a way to win

Despite the disappointment, despite failure, despite being knocked down hard, find a way to win. To be a winner is not for someone who only shines, it’s for those who are used to rocking the bottom and then bouncing up again. 

Live for yourself and live for others too. Try the feeling of being proud of yourself because it will boost your self-worth and confidence. Set your mind to do something that helps others so that you can benefit from the emotional reward you get from rescuing someone or making a positive impact on a person who is desperate and depressed.

Find interesting and exciting ways to open the closed doors in front of you. Explore others’ worlds and leave a footprint in at least one chapter of another person’s story.

Be determined to live a life that counts, a unique life, a high-quality one, and always look forward. Release the burdens of the past and only take with you the lessons and ways of survival for the next journey.

I heard a saying that changed my way of thinking, ” when you meet someone, something happens. Either you adjust to their pace or they adjust to your pace.

“Be alert to whose pace will you adjust to! It’s good to be influenced and make an impact, but never forget your own goals and the process you designed to achieve them. 

Finally, one positive life is worthy of exerting efforts and making sacrifices to make it awesome. Whether you are mediocre or unique it’s your mission and your choice in the end. Believe you can and you definitely will.

A positive mindset will make you choose the best and strive to be the best. Before you die, even one contribution to the world will be enough to make you feel proud of how you lived your life.

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