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5 Strategies On How To Overcome Your Fears


When you were young, you didn’t know how to overcome your fears. And many of us thought fear was an emotion mostly related to kids or cowards, especially the fear of darkness. Now, we came to realize that we were wrong, as it took us a long time to grow up and know what life is like.

The fears you need to overcome don’t exist because you are weak but because you are human. However, if you don’t know how to overcome fear, it may become a powerful enemy that steals your well-being.

When you are stressed about something, life stops at some point and you forget the blessings and precious people around you. It’s simply a barrier to all that you want to be and achieve.

Sometimes what scares you is the key to the locked door in your life. But because reaching this conclusion is not easy, it may take years to figure out the best way to open that door. When you overcome fear, chances and opportunities start to appear every day like miracles.

Fear is a repeatedly beating emotion, and because life is so stressful, it comes from time to time, once mild and once severe. What’s important is having the right strategies to handle it wisely.

Learn How To Overcome Your Fears

The following strategies will help you know how to face and overcome your fears.

1. Learn About Your Fear

Everyone has fears, and the first step to overcoming fear is learning about them. Fear keeps you careful and safe in front of danger, so it’s not an absolute enemy, to begin with. For that, you need to take control, and never let it prevent you from pursuing the life of your dreams.

When you have an exam, you need to understand the questions very well to be able to find the correct answers. Fear is your problem and the question that needs to be understood to be solved. Don’t turn your back on your fear, study it and develop better awareness to get over it.


2. Pause And Analyze Your Emotions

Some days, you are vulnerable and less energized, just like a piece of paper being moved from somewhere to another effortlessly. It’s due to stress and overloaded life events, your heart and mind act differently.

Sit down quietly and take note of what triggers your anxiety, and write regularly about your thoughts, feelings, and worries. Analyze those notes to find out more about your hidden emotions and thoughts. Understanding yourself will give you a grasp of the things your fear fears, and you will be motivated to overcome that fear.

With such a state of mind, you may be faced with a strong wind making you crumble out of fear. When this happens, don’t forget who you are. Remind yourself that you don’t lack strength and you are not fearful. But because you’re not keeping your energy and power in control, you’re swayed by surrounding forces. Once you believe it’s a false belief, you will get back your liveliness easily.

Therefore, it’s not fear, and the only way to understand that is to pause and analyze your emotions. You are stronger than a situation that keeps on repeating, waiting for you to spot the actual problem, reveal your capabilities, and manage it well.

Fear normally comes along with negative thoughts and harmful imagination of what may happen next, which is not true. It’s how your mind reacts to this emotion of being scared, that determines your perception and reaction to a certain situation.

Some people have anxiety related to having exams. They tend to show symptoms all days before the exam until the moment they see the test paper, once they realize they can solve the problems, they start regaining their inner peace again.

They think negatively and link the exam to fear of failure and the incapability to do well. Then, believing they should worry makes them predict the worst until something else is proven.

What if you linked this fear to positive thinking, instead of the frightening mind movie you’re always scaring yourself with? Whenever you have a sense of nervousness, start to make a positive movie in your mind.

Think positive, think grateful, and make sure you believe your thoughts. It’s a matter of a habit, get used to recalling your positive mindset at times of fear, instead of overwhelming your mind with negative false worries.

“I promise you nothing is as chaotic as it seems. Nothing is worth diminishing your health. Nothing is worth poisoning yourself into stress, anxiety, and fear.” – Steve Maraboli


4. Practice Gradual Exposure To Fear

Practice gradual exposure to fear. People worry about the unknown, and while it’s still unfamiliar to them, they must be still worried about it. Go get familiar and do what’s scaring you times and times until you become fearless.

It’s not easy to get rid of fear at once, it’s a gradual process. You’ve been teaching yourself strategies on how to overcome fear and programming your mindset to think positively beforehand to be ready when facing the fear. You’re doing well so far.

Now, it’s time to chase it and make it less fearful gradually. For example, you used to fear exams whether you’re ready or not. How about going after exams for something more pleasing and refreshing rather than being obligated to undertake them for academic or working purposes?

Attend more exams, learn something you’re passionate about for fun, study well and take an exam, and do your best with no pressure. Master the art of fragmenting fears into simpler parts to easily digest them.

Prove to yourself that exams are not fearful, and sometimes they are enjoyable. With more exposure, you become less fearful.

5. Find Opportunities In Fear

To overcome your fears, start making friends with them by choosing what’s beneficial to you. Even fear has a good side, which is the hard-learned lesson or the opportunity it offers.

Along with worries, comes a problem to be solved, energy to be obtained, or a bad habit to be fixed. There’s always a lesson you need to learn, and only fear uncovers it.

Accept the fact that failure is part of the process. You will fail, and fear will not stop it. Then, you ought to step out of the zone of “fear of failure” and let yourself face defeat, learn the lesson, and level up to a higher level of strength and mindfulness.

You will never stop fear from being part of your life, but you’ll stop it from controlling your mind. Make sure you are living forward, achieving your goals, and still dreaming with no barriers.

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  1. SMiLes Becoming FRiEnDS With Imperfection
    TReaSuRinG Every Flux of Change As Opportunity

    Now Revealing Nature’s Way New a River Flows Unimpeded

    NoW As THere Are Few Forces Stronger Than the Flow of Water

    As H20 Holds
    Hands This
    WaY in
    Whole Waves
    Rising and Falling Free

    Yet True We Are the Ocean
    Waves And Water Free too Yet

    Only When We Flow And Allow Waves
    to Open New Doors of Adventure Where

    Imperfection Only Becomes New Shores to

    Create Yes Once

    Again New

    of Adventure to Explore

    So Where is Fear in This Place
    of Inhaling Peace DarK Thru LiGHT BaLaNCinG

    WHeRE Is Fear in This Place of EXHaLinG LoVinG
    All DarK Thru LiGHT Even Treasuring Imperfections

    ThiS Way As Only Doors to New Adventure Hehe What

    Fear i Am Too Busy Being A Wave Being Water Ocean Whole

    To Even Notice

    i Am in the

    Middle of A Storm

    Where Most Everyone Else

    Sees This Reality As Discontent

    Indeed An Ocean Need Not Fear Any

    Storm For Waves Return As Water Calm

    Just Another Ripple of Imperfection Just Another



    Inner Calm

    Is There Any Steadfast
    Rule or Science for This

    No, Just A Place to Explore With No Fear

    SMiLing At The MaGiC of All You Create Effortless in Ease

    Just Dancing a Tightrope Higher No Need to Even Look Down Dear Chaymaa..:)

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