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You are unstoppable


“Look at you! You’ve been through so much, and here you are. Still standing, still smiling. You are unstoppable.”

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9 thoughts on “You are unstoppable”

  1. SMiLes Dear Chaymaa When No One Wants to Sit With You Now At
    Lunch You Can And Will Still Eat With SMiLes Solo Continuing Dreams

    SMiLes Dear Chaymaa When No One Wants to Dance With You At the
    School Dance or When You Are Much Older Hehe Yes You Can And Will

    Still Dance Solo Like No One is Even Watching You Continuing Dreams

    SMiLes Dear Chaymaa If No One SMiLes At You in This World

    You May Still SMiLe

    At Them Giving Free

    With No Expect of Return

    From Them Yes We May Continue

    SMiLinG Solo Now Giving Sharing Yes
    Caring Healing And True If No One Wants

    Us to Visit THeiR Church We May Look Within

    And Find the SMiLES AGAiN That Never End Yes

    ALWaYS STaRTiNG NeW NoW WiTHIN To Give Share Yes
    Care Heal Away to All For Free Just Never Ending mY FRiEnD

    As i Often ReMeMBeR Stars Shine Above All Alone Yet They Are

    STiLL ALLONE iN The Sense and Feel of ReaLiTY That When Stars

    Die As Part of Super Nova Explosions What is Left of that Crucible
    Fire of Star Death

    Becomes Gaseous

    Dust Resurrecting As That Iron From

    That DusT YeS EVeNTuALLY BeCoMes uS And

    Core of Our Mother Earth Yes FLoWinG NeW NoW

    STiLL iN OuR Blood Streams So Indeed We aRe ALL
    Iron Men and or Women ThiS Way Better Yet Truly We aRe
    Star FLoWeRS And Seeds BotH As Long As Our SMiLes Shine..:)

    1. You described loneliness in a very beautiful way. Yes, we can still smile and be happy despite anything. We are bound to die, and others will come to love then die too, so we will do whatever it takes to live well and beautifully until the end. 🙌🏻😊

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