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You Will Be Okay – 25 Motivational Words For Today

You Will Be Okay – 25 Motivational Words For Today

You will be okay, trust me

1. “Looking on the bright side doesn’t mean that everything is okay, but it proves that you will be okay.”


2. “Today will end with tomorrow’s beginning. And no one knows the hope tomorrow brings.”

3. “History has shown us that courage can be contagious, and hope can take on a life of its own.”

4. “You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call ‘failure’ is not the falling down, but the staying down.”


5. “Every life has dark days. But even when your light has dimmed, it’s still there. Have faith that it will shine brightly once again.”

6. “This coming year, I will find the magic and miracles in my everyday life.”

7. “You have all the tools you need to climb this mountain.”


You will be okay

8. “You are full of magic. I know how close you are to making your dreams come true.”

9. “You already have what it takes to keep going and keep winning: patience, determination, and inner strength.”

10. “Your thoughts will change your life. Choose them wisely.”

11. “Doing your best every day turns into a habit of greatness.”

12. “You have been amazing since the day you were born. It’s your birthright.”

13. “Go on and be great. Give them something to talk about.”

14. “It takes determination to get healthy and stay healthy. Here’s to you!”


You will be okay

15. “Do the best you can today, then do better tomorrow.”

16. “It takes immeasurable bravery to survive everything you have and retain your kindness, patience, and humanity. You’re doing amazing.”

17. “Even when you have trouble believing it, you’re a magical human being and no one can stop you.”

18. “Stop waiting for 5 o’clock, for Friday, for vacation. Right now is the perfect time to start living and loving your life.”


19. “Someday soon, you’ll see how the pieces fit together.”

20. “Pack light and let go of the weight that is holding you down. It gets better when you get light.”

21. “It takes so much courage to face everything you’ve gone through and remain standing. You’re setting a beautiful example for so many people.”

22. “What is it that creates encouragement? It is noticing your progress toward the achievement of your goals.”


You will be okay

23. “Right at the very moment you decide to give up, miracles happen.”

24. “You seem to have forgotten just how awesome you are. Let me remind you.”

25. “Your passions matter, let them speak louder than your doubts.”

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7 thoughts on “You Will Be Okay – 25 Motivational Words For Today”

  1. #22 reminds me of the song, “Road to Zion” by Petra:
    “Sometimes it’s good to look back down.
    We’ve come so far, we’ve gained such ground.
    But joy is not in where we’ve been.
    Joy is Who’s waiting at the end.”
    THAT’S what encouraged me!

  2. SMiLes Dear Chaymaa my Favorite

    Is Not Waiting Until 5 o’clock to Live
    Or Even The Weekend or A Dream
    of Retiring So Far in the Distance

    There is Only Now to Die or Live

    So i Choose Live

    And Forget

    About Die New
    Living Now For Living Free
    Loving All DarK Thru LiGHT..:)

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